With the advent of modern agriculture we are witnessing the entry of high-tech solutions even on farms.
In this case we talk about precision agriculture at the service of olive farms to analyze and prevent risks in the entire production cycle of olive trees, to ensure the monitoring and study of data and information, so as to be able to schedule corrective actions and improvements.

From the olive-growing campaign 2018-19 also the olive groves of “I Benedettini“, an olive-growing company located in the area of ​​the upper Cilento south of Salerno, are monitored by the agro-weather station “Elaisian“. The device installed in the field detects climate data in real time from the olive groves, therefore the union of the same with the analysis of data deriving from agronomic studies, the work of algorithms and satellite images, lead the service to provide alerts and alerts to optimize the use of water in the field, improving the use of fertilizers and preventing plant diseases, thus managing to reduce costs during the pre-harvest phase, but above all safeguard the environment and raise production, with the aim of improving the life of the olive tree and the work of the producer.