Custodian olive growers since 1906

Biologic olives farm “The Benedettini” is a project born of love and passion for one’s origins. Olive growers for four generations, but only from the beginning of the new century, with the current “mission”.

With the generational renewal, in fact, a company policy has been adopted that aims to privilege quality while respecting nature. Only the olives coming from the managed olive groves are transformed into organic olive oil since 2000 and that have their roots between the 13th and 14th centuries when the Benedictine monks took care of it, having settled in the restaurant a bbey adjacent to the Cave of San Michele Arcangelo, now Sanctuary and UNESCO World Heritage site. The secular plants mean that a strong presence of native cultivars is shown, the “rotondella” and the “campanicchia”, the latter ancestor of today’s “frantoio”.

Production takes place in the Cilento National Park and in the Alburni Mountains near the plain of Paestum and precisely in the countryside of the village of Sant’Angelo in Fasanella (SA); the territory that covers an altitude difference of over 1000 meters. and the favorable south-west exposure make the whole area one of the most interesting from a naturalistic point of view, an ideal habitat for the cultivation of the olive tree.