In an area with a very high olive growing vocation, at 500 mt. of altitude, where the terroir perfectly matches the dictates of organic farming, our work, defined as heroic and we want it slow, far from the rhythms of industrial production, allows us to produce an oil with low acidity, intact and loaded with polyphenols.

The Benedettini” Organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively from the pressing of the olives harvested in the farm’s olive groves, where the main cultivars present are the rotondella and the campanicchia.

The “rotondella” is a native variety whose name derives from its spherical shape; the plant of medium vigor with upright posture, shows a thick and gathered head, resistant to low temperatures and drought. Its habitat is in the hilly areas at a height of 400-500 meters s.l.m., in rocky soils mainly exposed to the south. In these optimal conditions the plant does not need special treatments except for pruning and fertilizing. The cultivar, mainly bred with a free pot, is highly appreciated for its productivity and the quality of the oil.

The “campanicchia”, cultivar ancestor of today’s mill, is a plant of medium vigor with a pendulous and open habit, with thin and flexible fruiting branches. The drupes, ovoid-shaped, elongated, have sparse lenticels but are clearly visible and their maturation is late with a good yield in oil, very fragrant and fruity; the peculiar productive characteristics make it a very valuable and irreplaceable cultivar.

The olives are harvested when they are partially darkened, placed in special perforated boxes and taken to the mill where they are pressed within a few hours. The “cold” extraction process takes place with a modern continuous cycle plant, with Thermo controlled processing temperatures, necessarily lower than 27°/28°C.

The final product is a green blend with golden yellow reflections.
A fruity of medium olive that expresses a light fragrance of herbaceous with hints of fresh apple and almond.
On the palate the notes of bitter and spicy are present in equal measure and do not disturb, providing a balance of merit. It shows an excellent fluidity that leaves the mouth immediately clean.
An Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming with excellent parameters to satisfy the consumer attentive to natural flavors.