Capacity:  0.50 lt
Box: 6 bottiglie
Price: 10.00 € cad.
Capacity:  1 lt
Box: 12 lattine
Price: 14.00 € cad.
Capacity:  3 lt
Box: 2 lattine
Price: 40.00 € cad.
Capacity:  5 lt
Box: 1 lattina
Price: 60.00 € cad.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Commercial category
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming

Monitoring Organization
CCPB Bologna – OdC autorizzato dal MIPAAF – IT BIO 009

Production area
Cilento National Park – Municipality of Sant’Angelo a Fasanella (SA)

Sud West / 500 m. s.l.m.

Olive grove surface
15.00 on which there are about 5.000 plants

Cultivar olive
Rotondella – Campanicchia

Yield in kg of oil
14 – 16 %

Harvest time
20 October – 20 December

Harvesting techniques
Mechanical and manual, exclusively on the plant

Oil production techniques
Daily milling with a continuous cycle oil mill
Cold extraction

Temperature controlled stainless steel silos, far from light sources
and heat to guarantee a constant microclimate

Annual production
7.000 Lt.

Organoleptic profile
Color: green with golden yellow reflections.
Bouquet: green fruity with a light herbaceous scent and hints of
fresh apple and almond.
Taste: excellent fluidity that leaves the mouth immediately clean; the notes of bitter and spicy are balanced and do not disturb,
closes a pleasant aftertaste of wild chicory.

Analytical test report
Acidity: 0,27 % ac. oleico
No. peroxides: 2,75 meq O2/kg
Total polyphenols: 520 mg/kg

Recommended for seasoning raw dishes, fish soup, vegetables
grilled and steamed, margherita pizza; Also indicated in the
preparation of desserts.

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